Friday, January 17, 2014

Planting For Survival

In recent times with our dubious economy many people are interested in returning to growing and producing things themselves that they can eat. Fruits and vegetables growing has increased with home and landowners whether they have 40 acres or just a half acre. Fruit and vegetables must be pollinated so many have also taken up bee keeping for the pollinators and the benefit of the honey also. Honey bees are having their problems and we have no clear solution in site. 

I was set up selling my plants and trees at one of our local farmers markets last year suggesting to a gentleman he might like to plant one of my Swamp White Oak trees, he said " Im not planting anything I can't eat". Well, he caught me at the wrong time! Now I fully support growing and doing any thing in the dirt that will produce food for you or anyone else period. But saying that a tree is not important to your well being because it does not directly feed you is bad judgment. First of all Oaks are a cornerstone species to life. Over 5000 species of insects, 58 species of reptiles, 105 species of mammals and 150 species of birds rely on Oaks for their life cycles. Of that 5000 species of insects many of them are pollinators such as butterflies. Which by their pollination of the flowers on your vegetable and fruit plants WILL feed you and your family. Oaks also produce shade, help with water runoff and soil conservation, are valuable for lumber, leaves are valuable for mulch, acorns can be used to feed livestock. Just because something doesn't look like a food source look again. It might be a big key in our very survival.

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