Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Gift Giving

As the holiday season is upon us we are searching for gift ideas. This is my pulpit so I am putting forth my two cents worth to whoever reads it. Gardening and landscaping are more important than ever and I have seen a decrease in the rural areas in my state of people who do either. It does not hurt anyone to grow something they can eat, whether it be vegetables, blueberries or something else they can partake of the fruit of eventually. There are many ways someone can garden even on a deck, porch or roof in containers. Many products for growing in containers have been produced and can be bought at your local nursery or garden center. And for those who have room there has never been a more important time to plant trees. Whether you want to argue global warming or not trees produce oxygen that we breathe! They help clean our air. Planted in the proper place depending on the species they provide shade to help with summer cooling costs, they can prevent water run off. They provide food and shelter for birds and countless wildlife. They produce beauty through blooms, foliage and even bark for years.

When giving this year consider giving plants, trees or garden seed. I guarantee as the years go by the receiver will never forget who gave them the tree or plant that they have enjoyed for years. Many nurseries offer gift certificates as well. Support your local nurseries and garden centers in the off season, especially the ones who actually grow the plants. You can use their knowledge for years to come. What is that worth.


  1. Great Blog Kevin... don't forget to tell everyone that Campbell Family Nursery has Christmas Gift Certificates for sell this year for all the trees, plants and landscape service you do... ok folks yall have 17 days left till Christmas Day... thanks, colonelrex

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