Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Magnolia and Hydrangea Update

I finally got a chance today to visit the Cucumber magnolias again. I was tipped off by my cousin Jonathon Campbell that they were in bloom. We have had much recent rain and that clearly has taken its toll on the blooms. I am still waiting for how successful we were on the tissue culture propagation. time will tell. The handful of younger trees I was able to move from the site are doing wonderful and they say hello.

My little Oak Leaf hydrangeas are all sprouting. they are so tiny and handling of those little seed is a problem. Sowing amounts of the seed properly, not getting too many close together is a problem. I will try to get a picture later .


  1. Kevin,
    Love these big native magnolias! I recall going up going to the woods in KY and seeing huge Umbrella Magnolias everywhere.

  2. Thank you for this blog! I live near Scotts School in Iredell county and am gardening with native plants. I hope more people will appreciate the value of native plants.