Thursday, January 8, 2009


Kalmia Latifolia,(Mountain Laurel) indiginous to all of the original 13 colonies is one of our most beautiful native plants. And, in my opinion should be the national flower of the United States. This particular laurel resides in Northern Iredell County in an isolated place near an old wagon road along Liberty Branch. Before our ancestors renamed this place it was guarding the stream. Witnessing Native Americans, settlers,Union Calvary and modern machinery the stories it could tell. My pocket knife in the photo measures open from blade point to end of handle eight and one quarter inche's. The official measurements of the laurel have not been made as of yet but where my knife rests is four feet above the ground. I have taken friends to visit my ancient friend and hope to take a few more. Resting above a stream in a little shade is where after all where we all want to be.


  1. I know this place and it is a wonderful spot on Liberty Branch with rich history around it.I would like to see it protected for many years to come.

  2. Wonderful blog! I recall my pleasure in seeing a grove of laurel in full bloom about a hundred yards west of Sandy Springs and on the south side of the creek. These laurel seemed to be about 10-15 feet tall, though probably younger than the one in your picture at Liberty branch. Thank you for the thought given to your explorations and for sharing them. Roger

  3. Wow what a wonder full tree...YES if it could only talk!!!!! The perfect place to sit and rest and have a good conversation of past days....Thanks for sharing!!!

    Are these any relation to the Texas Laurels?? Pat

  4. Kevin--you need to write and write a lot. You are gifted and entertaining. I can see that God is in your talents and is rewarding your efforts.

    I've been reading garden blogs for 5 years and your love of NC and its natives warms my heart to the core. I've never read a better blog. I could sit and listen to you for hours.